Matt Miller

Composer & Sound Designer for Games, TV and Film


A short improvisation using a Victorian Oscillator

A Victorian Oscillator is a primitive electro-mechanical synthesizer that uses a small speaker and 9 volt battery to create sound.

How To Record Ultrasonic Sounds using an Inductor Coil Pickup

Here's a quick tutorial on how you can record ultrasonic sounds, emitted by electromagnetic devices.

You can download the sounds of the remote controls shown in this video here

Convert Space Designer Impulse Responses to work with your other audio apps

Here’s a super easy way to convert the Space Designer Impulse Responses that come with Logic Pro, so that you can use them with your other audio apps.

  1. The first thing we need to do is find those impulse responses, which are in the System Library.
  2. Go to the MacintoshHD and open Library > Audio > Impulse Responses and then the Apple folder.
  3. Select the impulse response we want to convert.
  4. Option drag the impulse response to copy it to a new location.
  5. From there all you need to do is change the file extension from .SDIR to .aif - some of you may need to use .wav.
  6. And that’s it. You’re done.