Matt Miller

Composer & Sound Designer for Games, TV and Film

Since 1997, I have been producing high quality music and sound design compositions which have been heard in background scores, promos and special effects for TV and film trailers across the globe. My work covers a range of genres, often merging traditional instrumentation with sampling, synthesis and found sounds. I pride myself on the high production value of my work, while using my own source material for samples and sound design wherever possible. Have a look, a listen and ask me anything!

You can check out my latest audio implementation reel here.

For a quick fix check out this audio montage.


Game Audio
SciFi Weapon Sound Design using Wwise

This video provides a walks through the implementation of a couple of SciFi Weapon Sounds, using Audiokinetic’s audio middleware software, Wwise. All sound design used for these weapons were created using a combination of my own field recordings and synthesis. Most field recordings were captured to a Zoom H4n using either the built in mikes, or an AKG c451 small diaphragm condenser w/ a hypercardioid capsule. A few electromagnetic recordings were captured using an old phone-tap inductor coil pickup. Editing, mixing and additional recordings were done using Cockos Reaper. Synthesis was provided by Pure Data, Native Instruments Massive, and my Euroack modular system.

Wwise Audio Implementation Reel

This is my audio implementation reel using Audio Kinetic's middleware software, Wwise. All Sound Effects, Music & Audio Implementation by Matthew Steven Miller.

Wwise Implementation Reel Outtakes

This is a short reel of outtakes left over from my full Wwise Audio Implementation Demo Reel. The video takes you through the recording, editing, processing & implementation workflow for various sound effects in the first person shooter video game, Cube.


all compositions by Matt Miller


Ring World is the work of Hubert Bibrowski's Numizmatic. Hube describes Ring World as Mario Party set in Ancient Greece. I produced a couple of music loops, trying my best to emulate the sounds of a lyre using a combination of samples and virtual synths.

Hooper Falls

Hooper Falls by Skeleton Eyes / Josh Mohan is a procedurally generated text-adventure that takes place in a horror mansion and playable on the interwebs. Most of my time was put into recording and editing foley and sound effects, although I did have time to put together a creepy music loop.

Sound Design

all compositions by Matt Miller


Team Interesting, lead by Mike Brown, produced an underwater PC platformer called "Mote", about a motorized squid dodging rogue plankton. I created an eerie underwater ambient loop along with lots of bubble, power up and engine effects that were actuated with the squid's movements.