Matt Miller

Composer & Sound Designer for Games, TV and Film

Since 1997, I have been producing high quality music and sound design compositions which have been heard in background scores, promos and special effects for TV and film trailers across the globe. My work covers a range of genres, often merging traditional instrumentation with sampling, synthesis and found sounds. I pride myself on the high production value of my work, while using my own source material for samples and sound design wherever possible. Have a look, a listen and ask me anything!

You can check out my latest audio implementation reel here.

For a quick fix check out this audio montage.


Hotel Mauritania by The Ether Mission

An ambient treatment of the early morning call to prayer, recorded in the Medina of Fez, Morocco, October, 1998. The ambient composition was recorded live to D.A.T. using a Kurzweil K2500rs, Yamaha 01V and Tascam DA-P1.

Los Angeles: An Enquiry Into The Nature Of Ideals Original Soundtrack

This is the original score for Alexandra Busgang's film "Los Angeles: An Enquiry Into The Nature Of Ideals". The soundtrack takes a minimalist approach, and often blurs the lines between music and sound design. Instrumentation includes toy (baby) piano, analog synthesizer and found sounds. This release also features extra tracks and alternate mixes.

You can find out more about the filmmaker Alexandra Busgang here.