Matt Miller

Composer & Sound Designer for Games, TV and Film

Since 1997, I have been producing high quality music and sound design compositions which have been heard in background scores, promos and special effects for TV and film trailers across the globe. My work covers a range of genres, often merging traditional instrumentation with sampling, synthesis and found sounds. I pride myself on the high production value of my work, while using my own source material for samples and sound design wherever possible. Have a look, a listen and ask me anything!

You can check out my latest audio implementation reel here.

For a quick fix check out this audio montage.



Maroc - Field Recording Remixes

Since late 2011 I’ve been producing dance remixes for a new live set using field recordings I collected in Morocco, in the late 90s, as the main ingredient. 

These field recordings were gathered from all over Morocco, from Fes to Zagora: folkloric Berber music in the Atlas mountains, the cacophony of the Djemaa El Fna in Marrakech, trance music of the Gnawa and Jilala sufi brotherhoods, the Guedra dance in Goulimim (the gateway to the Sahara), even old 78 records recorded directly off of a hand cranked Victrola.


Babelle et Barbarie

Who are we when faced with this hyper-media coverage of the world and ourselves? Are we the sum of definitions created by others? How do we find ourselves in this infernal cacophony of media? These are some of the fundamental issues the collective investigated when it began Babelle et Barbarie in 2012.

As be part of the design team for this wonderful multidisciplinary / multilingual theatre performance, I helped develop three portable, battery-powered cymatic ooblek machines. Each blue acrylic box used a ~60Hz sine wave, played through tactile transducers,  to make non-Newtonian fluid (cornstarch and water) dance on a drumhead. The boxes are illuminated with blue LEDs.

Backstage testing the portable cymatic ooblek machines at the Winchester Theatre, Toronto, Ontario

Backstage testing the portable cymatic ooblek machines at the Winchester Theatre, Toronto, Ontario